Group Contributions Management App


This is the source code for the Group Contributions Management App. The key functionality is to manage members’ contributions to events. The admin creates events, and members are expected to contribute to such events. These events could be social or periodical, such as monthly contributions. Developers can customize it to suit their needs.

  • Developed in Flutter and thus can be customized for Android, IOS, Web and Windows.
  • The backend uses PHP and MySQL.
  • Code is organized in a simple way that is easy to follow
  • A readme file is attached to help in customization.

Features include:

  • Maintaining Member Profiles
  • Addition and listing of all Transactions
  • Admin Panel to manage transactions, members and events.
  • PDF downloadable reports
  • Sending of alerts to members
  • An activity log that keeps a timeline of all happenings.

To test the app before purchase, download the apk file here

Test credentials

Admin          Phone  1234567890              PIN      1212

Member        Phone  0987654321              PIN     1212

Upon purchase, the buyer will get a folder will all required files sent to their email address.






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